About Us



Lox + Schmear is a quick service sandwich shop that is characterized by its fast casual food cuisine and minimal table service.  At Lox + Schmear we offer a simple, perfected, and classic sandwich.

We strive to create an extraordinary food experience while providing exceptional service. Grab a sandwich (or more) and enjoy!

At Lox + Schmear we use farmed Atlantic salmon that is BAP (Best Aquaculture Practice) certified.  This means that we are using the responsible salmon choice!

We take the beautiful salmon filets and spend a three day process curing and smoking it.  Once the salmon is ready, we slice it by hand to make sure that the salmon meets our high standards.

Lox + Schmear uses no artificial flavourings, no artificial colours, and no preservatives.  The smoked salmon is always fresh and never frozen!

We also offer a gluten free and vegan option to make sure everyone can find something on the menu!


For additional information come visit us at Lox + Schmear!

House of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday- Sunday 8:30am- 3pm

CLOSED Tuesdays!